With My Head In The Clouds


We have the opportunity

To make beautiful


That last a lifetime

For free

My most vivid July memories are the ones of our family holidays in De Haan, Belgium.
Sitting side by side with my mum in concentration making beautiful paper flowers.
She taught me to create.
I wish I had thanked her for that.
The flowers were to be "sold" in my handmade shop of sand alongside the sea.
First I needed to find beautiful shells to be able to pay in case I wanted to buy a flower myself made by another child with a flower-shop!
Those moments together were so precious.
And oh the excitement of having a little flower-shop alongside the beach with children visiting!
I had my birthday while being there and my daddy would then go to the green grocery and had the boot of the car filled up with all sorts of lovely fruits to surprise me for my birthday as I loved fruit more than anything.
I felt so loved and special by that gesture, have you ever seen the boot of the car filled up with summer fruits?
I never have since but it's right there in my memory, the colors and the sweet smells and my dad being so thoughtful.
This July I was invited for a lovely lunch by our children and a visit to the Fabrique des Lumières after that to visit a Gustav Klimt exhibition.
This day with just the three of us together had me well up with gratefulness.
Those memories are depicted in this painting obviously inspired by Klimt as well.
The fun thing is that while painting all those little flowers and fruits I suddenly remembered I used to draw these when writing a letter or in my school diaries when in my teens.

40x50 cm

Shipping cost:

Oil on Canvas 

Netherlands 25 Euro

European Union 40 Euro

UK 50 Euro

USA 130 Euro

ROW 170 Euro 

450,00 €