Paintings and Miniatures 

About my inspiration

Welcome to my website, where artistry meets nature in a harmonious dance of colours, shapes, and light. My name is Lot Kessels, I am a maker and a painter. I find inspiration in the ever-changing beauty of the natural world and the timeless allure of the Bloomsbury Group.

I draw inspiration from the seasonal transformations, capturing the subtle nuances of light, shadow, and colour throughout the year. Additionally, the spirit of the Bloomsbury Group, with its emphasis on creativity, freedom, and intellectual exploration.

Hope you are able to have a look at my diverse portfolio, From the delicate blooms of flowers, the Bloomsbury inspired paintings or more abstract work.

The tabs will guide you. Short explanation of two of the tabs:

Little Happymakers: Discover small paintings designed to spread joy, often featuring flowers as the central theme. These delightful creations are sure to bring a smile to your face and brighten any space.

Art Gallery: Explore paintings available for purchase at art gallerie(s)

Thank you for visiting my website! You can also find me on Etsy and can follow me on Instagram.

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Enjoy your journey. Whether you're seeking inspiration, joy, or simply a moment of beauty, I hope you can find it here.