“Whatever you do sing with it“

I'm following a painting course in America @oilpaintingefk in the hope it will help me to let go and learn how to paint more freely if that is at all possible in my case. I look at my canvas and I see me. I would love to be more radical and wild but all I see is my romantic old soul peeking through every time. I started without any plan or expectations, no color scheme, no thumbnails, no nothing so rather free I'd say. Emptied my head and just started and after two days this is where it brought me. Nothing radical . The nice thing is that I can turn any blob of paint into something that pleases my eyes. My daughter when small asked me time and time again to stop singing when we went around the corner of the street which I then tried very hard. This is about singing and dancing like an idiot while painting, staying me but hoping to keep learning and growing every day.
Interesting how different people strive for different things! 

40x50 cm 

Oil on canvas/framed

Shipping Cost:

Netherlands 25 Euro

European Union 50 Euro

UK 60 Euro

USA 140 Euro

ROW 180 Euro

450,00 €