There is no gate,

no lock,

no bolt

that you can set upon

the freedom of my mind.

Virginia Woolf

In this diptych my plan was to paint big playful abstract flowers.

My mind was already very much thinking though about how to depict my table filled with things I love among which food, plates and flowers as they play a main role in a painting that yet has to come and for which I'm summoning up courage for ages! It's such a joyful thing to lay a meaningful table. But still I wasn't there yet!

Shapes appeared to be looking like a croissant or a coffee pot, wineglass, fish? I embraced them and enjoyed seeing them appear. Maybe you see things too . Like looking at the clouds.. I love that!

Play, let your mind wonder, make fantasies that's what I hope you'll do . Make up a story which can change many a time. Never be bored.

It may not have been meant for this diptych but my mind wouldn't be locked in and came forward.

It's the beauty of painting , it tells you all about yourself. No hiding possible!

It makes me smile and I hope it makes you smile too!!

Very hard to be correctly photographed as they are so big but I guess you get the idea.

120x100 cm 

Acrylics on canvas 

Shipping costs:

The Netherlands 150 Euro

European Union 250 Euro

UK 350 Euro

USA 575 Euro

ROW 750 Euro

895,00 €