Frida Kahlo "The Loved Ones"

My body's broken

My mind strong

My hearts eyes

Are looking

And yearning
I'm working on this piece I immediately knew I wanted to make the moment I heard there was a competition on the life of Frida Kahlo.
I want to show some of its process and explain my thoughts on it.
You can't see it in just one picture which is what one's allowed to send in when you take part.
Frida had polio when six years old. As had my father. It is a very contagious virus so she was quarantined and saw practically no one. Can you imagine that at the age of six?
I remember my being scared to be left alone by my parents every night when going asleep and that was just for the night and I was healthy!
In her body is newspaper as a metaphor for the horrible news she had to carry within her for the rest of her life after the accident.
Het foot is open, her body broken and on her tummy there's a fetus for all the baby's she had to loose.
There's another thing we have in common so I feel strongly for this survivor! (we were given two beautiful healthy children after six years of sadness)
I made the mattress of the daybed of cardboard and raffia, the wood department is Jeroen's. The floor is tiled with paint on cardboard.
Another touching story is to be found in the background I painted on the inside of the glass dome. I shall try to make a picture of the whole work tomorrow but I'm having problems with reflections. 

I'll show you some of my struggles to get the right picture in which I did not succeed ( undoable for me in that handblown glass )but you get the idea.
I painted Friday's story of looking For her imaginary friend in the shopwindow of Pinzon in the backside of the glass dome.
For the ones who have missed it she was quarantined at the age of six because of her having the contagious polio virus. She was extremely lonely at that time and in her fantasy she went to Pinzon, the shop across the street, blew her breath in the O of Pinzon, rubbed it with her hand and went in through the newly made opening/door to meet her imaginary friend (another loved one)to play.
For the rest of my explanation and the making off please read my last post.
For now I'm going to tidy my house as there's work stuff all over the place. Thank you for following my Frida journey and have a great day!

Can't be shipped so either you pick this up or we will deliver it personally if you live in the Netherlands or close to the border.  

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