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And then it's there
the explosion
of May
the resurrection
of my garden
the reassurance
and relief
that all is working
my green treasures
are at its peak
which is sad as well
as thrilling
a necklace of daisies
to crown our loved ones
can't think of one that tops it!

 Have been working with cold wax for the first time.

It gives a velvet feel to your oil paint and makes them less glossy and more textured.

I very much like it and I'm always in for trying out new techniques.
The crowned loved one is my daughter who's now a mother herself. I picked her these daisies in England, what a surprise!

50x50 deep canvas

Sides painted. Oils and cold wax 

Painting can by ordered via Art Gallery ARTACASA https://artacasa.nl/artists/Kessels_Lot.T

The link will direct you my page at the art gallery

549.00 €