I want to paint me as a youngster with my goose Eduard whose egg was hatched by my two ducks.

I got the egg when my mum stayed in hospital for three months and the lady in the bed next to her had a farm.

Her husband brought me the egg and with it a special memory. It wasn't the easiest time. Struggling with my identity and puberty at that time.
I give her this dress to show the innocence that was very much there but often not seen as happens regularly during adolescence.
I've only just started and I will paint it from memory.
I was always and still am very much in love with flowers from the fields so they will become my background.

Let's see how it goes. I'm curious.
There will be flowers and freckles.

60x80 cm

Oil on canvas/framed

Shipping Cost:

The Netherlands 25 Euro

European Union 50 Euro

UK 60 Euro

USA 140 Euro

ROW 180 Euro

895,00 €