The birth of a painting

A free interpretation of my mums huge plate filled with summer flowers.

Some I picked @bloemfonteinbergen and some are from our own garden.

As it was an extremely hot day when I started out I lost some and changed them for fresh ones.

I started with a bright yellow underlayer as it was so sunny .

Then I just sketched the flowers with charcoal and started painting.

The yellow background didn't speak to me so I tried a sort of olive colour which I made with lots of cadmium orange in it for warmth. It's the colour I have in my living room.

I'll look at it for a bit and will see if it feels good. What do you think?

60x80 cm
Oil on canvas/framed

Shipping Cost:

Netherlands 25 Euro

European Union 50 Euro

UK 60 Euro

USA 140 Euro

ROW 180 Euro

895,00 €