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Article text translated: Original article in Dutch

The colors and textures really pop in Lot Kessels' beautiful work. Her paintings are absolute mood lifters and so well done! Lot's touch captures the atmosphere superbly. Small love stories inspired by everyday objects like flowers and natural colors... Life's treasures, captured with curiosity, sensuality, and experience. 

After a lifetime of observing and painting everything Lot saw in her garden, house, food (and more), she only started painting on canvas five years ago. It was something she had always quietly longed for but thought wasn't meant for her.

Lot started taking courses with American painters, and a year later, she had her first exhibition. Oh yeah, where she nearly sold all her work!! Meanwhile, the paintings of this artist from Bergen are spreading all over the world, with most going to Australia, America, France, and England. Talent needs to shine, and Lot is now getting everything out of herself.

Luckily, because now we can enjoy it.

Oh, I couldn't wait to share this beautiful work with you all.

"I'm a girl of nature. There's almost no greater source of inspiration. I also look at a lot of art, visit exhibitions, read art books, and enjoy old painters like Jan Sluijters, Leo Gestel, Charley Toorop. But also, Jeroen Krabbé, and above all, the painters of the Bloomsbury Group, a group of artists and intellectuals from the early twentieth century in England. I have to paint their work occasionally because I want to feel it, learn from it, and enjoy it, just as they did with their favorite painters." 

I always find it very interesting to hear where artists get their inspiration from! I was definitely very excited by Lot's stories, and it turns out she also makes very beautiful dioramas.

See the image above! Just pure enjoyment, everything so finely and delicately made. Meticulous work because your eyes glide from detail to detail. Just like Lot's paintings, because although her paintings are getting bigger and bigger, they are filled with the finest details. Yes, to savor!

Elevating your work to a high level by continuously developing yourself as an artist. Connecting and amazing people. Making art and looking at other artists for inspiration. The world is full of surprises, and it gives Lot an extra boost to demand the utmost of herself. I am convinced that Lot is an artist to keep an eye on... Because she passes on inspiration in turn. Check out more beauty and inspiration on Lot's Instagram account.