Review Decorating Dissidents  


Scientific article on the DollHouse

Words: Jonathan King (he/him)

About the Author

Jon is currently a second year PhD candidate in Art History at the University of York. His research, currently entitled "'A bit frivolous?' Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, and the Charleston Camp"aims to reinvigorate our understanding of these Bloomsbury artists by exploring their collaborative work outside of the group's literary canon, considering class, queerness, and the concept of a camp modernist aesthetic. Between March and June 2020, Jon will be embarking on an AHRC-funded research trip to the Yale Center for British Art, where he will be using their archives to examine specific collaborations of Bell and Grant.

Decorating Dissidence is an interdisciplinary project exploring the political, aesthetic & conceptual qualities of craft from modernism to the contemporary.

Co-founded by Jade French and Lottie Whalen in 2017, Decorating Dissidence brings together art practitioners, makers, curators, activists and academics to break down disciplinary boundaries and find new ways to critically engage with craft history. It opens up a space for dialogue between contemporary and modernist makers, in order to reveal the lasting legacies of marginalised artists who worked at the dissident intersections between established mediums and modes of modern art.

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