"Enlightened Women" Exhibition


Artist Lot Kessels Presents "Enlightened Women" Exhibition in 's Hertogenbosch 14th - 17th of March

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Artist Lot Kessels Presents "Enlightened Women" Exhibition in 's Hertogenbosch

*Bergen, Netherlands - February 21, 2024*

Self-made artist Lot Kessels is set to unveil a captivating exhibition titled "Enlightened Women" in Den Bosch. The exhibition features a collection of works depicting women with remarkable stories, painted by Kessels herself. Among the historical influencers portrayed in her artwork are socialite and feminist Lalla Vandervelde (1870 - 1965) and the trendy saint Theresia of Lisieux (1873 - 1897).

Several years ago, Kessels made the bold decision to transition her life and pursue her passion for art. Since then, she has gained international recognition for her work and has garnered attention for her detailed model version of the English Charleston House, a significant historical meeting place for feminists, intellectuals, and artists.

The inspiration behind "Enlightened Women" stems from recent elections, where Kessels found herself reflecting on the diverse narratives of women, including those who wear headscarves. With this exhibition, Kessels aims to tell a positive story centered on warmth and connection, shedding light on the diverse backgrounds and unique, often poignant, experiences of the women she portrays.

Speaking about her artwork, Kessels emphasized, "My paintings are never just images. They always tell a story."

Collaborating with Marit Kriek from Cherries Amsterdam, Kessels brings a dynamic perspective to the exhibition. The works of both artists will be on display at Atelier Rêve from March 14th to 17th, offering audiences an opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich narratives and artistic expressions presented.

In addition to the exhibition in 's Hertogenbosch, Kessels' paintings will find a permanent home at the prestigious Amsterdam gallery, Artacasa.

About Charlotte Kessels:

Charlotte 'Lot' Kessels, a self-taught artist, resides in the picturesque artist village of Bergen with her husband Tammo and beloved dog Cato. With a background in gardening, Kessels finds inspiration in her natural surroundings as well as in artists like Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell of the Bloomsbury Group.

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Tammo van Leeuwen


+31 6 15067992

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