Love the ones you 're with

Laying the table is a thing that makes me feel good. I feel blessed that there's a special person in my life to share a meal with. Together in our own home where we feel safe and loved. Sharing our thoughts and our food is a moment of rest and love which I cherish,always .
Especially now with all that's happening in the world. Families have been deprived from their homes or have lost loved ones because of this war we all hope to end soon . They live in fear and uncertainty. And here I am laying my table...
I think I finished this painting today by adding a good stripe in the back and extra layers of paint .
I am quite pleased with it and hope you do too!
I do love a good pattern and a bit of color and texture as I very much like in Matisse's work. It brings more interest ( to me in any case). 

60x80 c/m
Oil on canvas/framed

Shipping Cost: 

Netherlands 25 Euro

European Union 50 Euro

UK 60 Euro

USA 140 Euro

ROW 180 Euro

695,00 €