"ïf tables Could Talk"

This is going to be a piece with meaningful things that surround me .
Our kitchen table is the best place to be at.

It's small but we all cuddle up around it and share simple lovingly made meals, talk , laugh , play games, work, enjoy each others company.
It has seen it all!!

After drawing it all on my huge panel I started blocking in and got my oils out.
I love my tables with bits and bobs and on this one you see a lot of Bloomsbury love if you watch closely.

There's a picture of my father too, a table bell of my mother. She collected them and had about 500 of them. When she passed I just kept the ceramic ones of which I love their naivety.

There are antique cups I got from my oldest friend, a beautiful dish from my parents in law, a flyer of an exhibition of Jan Sluijters etc etc. A broche I bought as a birthday gift for my mom when I was a kid.

There has to be cheese on our table and often we have Amarena cherries as many guests will know.

What's not to love! It's big too.

70x100cm on MDF panel

Oil paint   

895,00 €