“Emily’s Wild Bunch”

This is where I lay down my brush for now .
The picture that inspired me for this painting comes from Emily who is a wonderful American artist and human being.
It stood in her studio and very much caught my eye!
I take it as an inspiration and go from there. Things come and go while I'm working to find a composition and feeling that pleases me.
Up front I have an idea and in this case I made a scribble on the back of a receipt but then the journey starts. Or it has probably started the moment I saw the flowers and made the scribble!
Adding , cutting out and thinking what does she need. My paintings are always females.
And they know what they want!!
(As do I)

I later gave these flowers a ceramic jug to ground them,much better! 
60x80cm/oil on canvas/framed 

Shipping Cost:

Netherlands 25 Euro

European Union 50 Euro

UK 60 Euro

USA 140 Euro

ROW 180 Euro

695,00 €